Tour Guide Software

Using tour guide software, visitors can get latest information about all attractions within the destination.

The software is designed in such a way, that visitors are not hesitating to share its personal data with the destination rather but will be convinced that the destination will offer advantages during the visit.

Once visitors have entered their personal interest they will receive a personal tour plan which is constantly updated during the journey and will help to shorten wait time – for example.

At the same time the visitor is connected to a ticketing system managed by the destination which allows self-serve reservations and to buy tickets from the same platform.

As consumers are increasingly hesitant to provide personal data to unknown operators, we offer local tablet PCs allowing visitors to gain confidence in the information delivered by the destination.

Using these tablets, visitors can plan their tours anonymously and send their personal contact data to the destination server only once the tour plan is completed in order to receive permanent updates during his visit.

If preferred, visitors can download an app from the QIIOSQ allowing them to log in and to receive helpful data like usage numbers of attractions, efficient routing or traffic situation within the destination.