QIIOSQ stand-alone

QIIOSQ touch-points are located at public car parks, in railway stations or any other arrival areas. They are positioned in protected areas or in pavilions which are under surveillance. Additional QIIOSQs are deployed in the vicinity or within attractions of the particular destination. In shopping malls, QIIOSQs are in lobbies or close to the car park area. For customers hesitating to establish their own infrastructure for data evaluation and visitor flow management, we offer stand-alone QIIOSQ systems fitted with a simplified tour guide software.

Based on integrated CMA (Cognitive Media Analytics) software, we offer a monthly evaluation of visitor’s interest and demographic composition of visitors who have used the QIIOSQ touch point. Furthermore, QIIOSQ touch points can offer ticket reservations, distribution of vouchers and other services like collection of customer data allowing destinations to generate immediate return on their investment.

The QIIOSQ stand-alone package includes:

  • Cloud based media center with cameras, TFT monitor and one tablet to enter customer requests
  • Integrated video and audio player
  • Integrated tour plan software package