About us

QIIOSQ is a division of Klotz Communications GmbH, a company specialized on production equipment for broadcast applications and smart loudspeaker networks for the public address markets.

Since years, Klotz Communications is monitoring the disruption in digital media markets and feels that out-of-home information to people on the move has to change significantly. Traditional radio and TV stations are losing rapidly contact to their audiences and simple background music and paging is not a way to reach customers anymore.

Nowadays, marketing companies want to contact their customers at the point of sale and demand for immediate feedback from the market. They want to communicate with customers alike using on-line communication methods and advertisers have no time to wait months before they can get feedback on the latest campaigns. All of that cannot be offered by broadcasters and traditional media networks which is why we have decided to develop new bidirectional communication channels to the out-of-home markets.

Customer analytic methods based on sentiment and cognitive media analytics offer completely new ways to understand and to react to customers’ requirements. We are the first company to use this technology in the media markets producing targeted content for public areas.

Our new range of products which we market under the QIIOSQ brand target destinations like tourism areas, shopping malls, theme parks and other public areas. All our products are fitted with artificial intelligence based software and can react immediately to the needs of people in the vicinity of our touch-points.

This is why we call our QIIOSQ system interacting and not just interactive. Unlike interactive devices which are just reacting to human inputs within limits set by editorial software, interacting devices understand the needs of customers and are able to make proposals themselves which fit to the customer’s demands without requiring access to personal profiles of the persons they communicate with.

We are cooperating with biggest AI and IoT companies to make sure that our vision become real by now. Our products will revolutionize the way as brick-and-mortar stores can sell their products and will help cities to develop their own brands. Our products will help to organize traffic in destinations and give destination managers a complete overview over the requirements and flows of visitors – for the first time ever.

Last but not least, we give back the control over data to those organizations who invest in infrastructure and marketing and help them to reduce the dependency on global marketing and sales companies.